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Rituals & Celebrations

Mother Blessings, Body closing ritual etc.


Blessingway is inspired in old and new traditions from different cultures and peoples to empower the mother before and after birth, as well as to welcome the baby. It's getting popular again in western as a way to show love, friendship, support, to make wishes and surround the new mother and baby with positivity. There is no specific religion or belief system behind it, it's a symbolic rite of passage (and our busy modern life needs modern rituals to help us to get through big transitions, such as giving birth and becoming parents!)

As facilitator I create the necessary connection and the special aura that a ritual needs to have in order to reach the subtle and deep levels of our psyche (where lies the programs that influence many of our experiences in life and particularly birth). There is no magic thought, the power of a contemporary ritual like this lays on the powerful and positive effect that symbolic gestures can have on us. Many cultural, traditional and religious element can be added according to the preferences and requests of the family.

It empowers, gives courage, joy and the important recognition that you are being loved, carried and supported (along your journey into the motherhood) by your dearest ones. And that makes all the difference!

During the celebration a special moment is dedicated to talk about how transformational the arrival of a child is in our lives and how important is that our closest ones are in this process.

And of course, because we all love being a bit profane, there will also be time to eat, share, talk and laughing.

All mothers deserve a Blessingway!

Suggested investment:

650,-CHF (organization and 2h attendance)*

*It includes:

-personalized design of the celebration;

-instructions for the organization, coordination and 2h attendance and guidance on the celebration.

Body closing

(after the 40th day after birth)

In many traditional cultures on Earth there is a period of great sensitivity and strong bonding that lasts for the period of 40 days after giving birth.

In Brazilian traditional culture along the Amazonian rivers, women gives the mother an special massage with special mix of natural oils, butters and plants from the forest. They say it's done so to call "a Mãe do corpo" (the mother of the body) back to its place. The "Mãe do corpo" can be translated to our understanding as reservoir of energy in the body that moves from its  original place into the womb in order to sustain the growing life there.

Interestingly, the Traditional Chinese Medicine and practices. Besides the massage "Mãe do corpo", I also use another tradition used by women in Guatemala and Mexico that to closes the "quarentena" period  using "rebozos" (traditional long scarfs).  A beautiful ritual whose the symbology of the rebirth strengths the new mother emotionally and physically, preparing her for the next t phase of the motherhood.

Investment suggested: 290-CHF


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