Full training in 4 sessions or one weekend

The KGHypnobirthing is a complete prenatal course with a full training in hypnobirthing techniques. It will teach you (how to):

- release fear and tension (which lead to pain and interventions)

- induce yourself into a deep relaxation

- massage techniques to release endorphins (your body's natural analgesia)

- breathing techniques for the different stages of labor

- concentration techniques and visualisations (help concentration and promote deep connexion with the baby inside the womb)

- understand the choices available to your birth (well-informed decision making)

- be more likely to experience a natural, calm and drug free birth. (labor can be shorter and more comfortable.)

- enjoy the most empowering experience of your life: giving birth!

- actively involves fathers and partners to become an integral part of the experience, training them to do their important role in hypnobirthing.

- communication skills and the awareness that will put you in control of the birth of your child

And how to know that the KGH is the best choice for you?

- High quality standards: The KGHypnobirthing is a special method from UK adapted to the European reality (the most famous method is more designed for the USA public). KGH has known a great success in Europe, being the first choice among birth professionals in UK. KGH is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

- A passionate and qualified professional: I am certified KGH childbirth educator & hypnobirthing teacher, and an experienced doula. I work with another great doula and psychologist-to-be, Sephora Acquilles.

-Body-mind awareness: we will also teach you also some techniques from Yoga and from Mindfulness meditation.

- Postpartum period: we pay special attention to the strengthening of the relationship and bonding between mother and father/partner as a fundamental part of prenatal preparation. We discuss the importance of the 4th trimester and how to be prepared with very practical tips to the « after baby » in your life!

Individual classes: 4 privet sessions (10h).

Group classes: 4 sessions or 1 weekend retreat (12h)

Investment:  830,- CHF (privet sessions)

                       560,- CHF (group classes)

*Book and other material included

**  We offer you the possibility to book an introduction section for try and feel if this is for you, before booking the full course. It costs 110,- CHF. If you decide to book the full course, this amount is deduced from the total price).

*** Be aware that your insurance might not refund the this course.

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