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Emotional healing

Pregnancy, birthing and postpartum period are the most sensitive time of a woman's life. When a woman suffers any kind of difficult situation during this time (familiar issues, professional stress, loss of a dear one, any kind of violence or abuse), she may develop some psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, burnout to mention a few. Sometimes the lack of appropriate psychological and emotional support can make the condition worse. Whatever is the problem it requires professional help by a doctor and with a qualified psychologist.

Emotional Healing does not replace any medical or psychological treatment. My work is a co-adjuvant in your healing process.

I conceived this kind of healing for women that went through a traumatic or deeply frustrating birth experiences, but it can also be done by pregnant women who wishes to liberate themselves from emotions related with other traumatic experiences that could be disturbing them during the pregnancy to prevent they could disturb the birth experience itself.

Emotional Healing, in the way I practice can have components such as yogic breathing, massage, acupressure and tapping. My approach combines body and mind and is deeply based on the empathetic listening, NLP (neuro linguistical programmation) and deep relaxation and soft-hypnosis techniques from the KGH method. Which techniques and the way I will use them is personalized. The most important elements of my work are love and compassion.

One visit for a first talk: for free + one session of at least 2h each).

Suggested price:  290,-CHF


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