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Doula: the support that makes the difference!

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A doula is a qualified professional who offers informational, physical and emotional support during pregnancy, labor and birth. It is not a medical professional, a doula does not replace a health caregiver (midwife or obsterician). Their roles are different.

A doula knows a variety of comfort measures and coping techniques that can facilitate the labor to progress well, avoiding many interventions.

As a hypnobirthing teacher my style is the most discrete and non-doing as possible. As your hypnobirthing doula I will:

- Protect your space from unnecessary disturbances so you can concentrate on your labour.

-Help your parter with the communication with the caregivers to ensure your birth plan will be well understood and respected as much as possible.

-induce you into a deep relaxation with my special hypnomusic and encourage you at certain moments with a personalized playlist we will build for you.

-help you emotionally and physically to to keep you relaxed and focused along labour with some breathing and hypnobirthing techniques (only if the mother asks or I find necessary).

-collaborate with caregivers (if necessary) to find alternatives to cope with unexpected situations through traditional techniques from wise women from all over the world such as: rebozo, aromatherapy, accupressure, massage,  body positions etc. 

Many researches have proved that having a doula in attendance during birth have several positive effects in the outcomes such as:

- shorter labor

- decreased use of extra interventions

- decreased use of epidural and synthetic hormones (pitocyn, sintocyn)

- spontaneous vaginal birth

- decreased c-section and forceps delivery rates

- better infant outcomes and mother satisfaction

But more than "doings", the doula's main quality is "being". The powerful positive effect of knowing that someone is "just there for you",  holding the space, keeping a confortable and calm environment, reassuring, encouraging, and mothering the mother. It may sounds too simple, and indeed it is... the "power of simplicity". My presence must first of all emanates peace, confidence and love as in this way we create hormonal harmony in the room which reinforce your inner peace and confidence.  I believe that the capacity to enter in a meditative mind as a crucial quality for a doula. For that reason I take my practice of meditation very seriously.

Give birth is simple and natural, but here is the point : our society forgot it and unnecessary fear created the present unnatural reality! A gentle birth  occurs when you have a non disturbed physiology and constant emotional support during labour and birth. Your doula will support you to achieve it!

Doula basic pack

Investiment: 920,-CHF *

- 1st visit

- 2 sessions

- attendance on birth

- 1 postnatal visit

- 10 % discount in other services

*The the price of the doula pack does not include travel costs.

*The first visit is invoiced in 119,- CHF (including travel costs). PS.:if we decide to work together, this amount is deduced from to total price.


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