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Prenatal classes, Doula services & Hypnobirthing in Geneva


« Giving birth can be the most empowering experience of a lifetime – an initiaiton into a new dimension of body-mind awerness »

Ina May Gaskin, Birth matters, 2011


About me

My name is Letícia, I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I am 40 years old, mother, a doula, childbirth educator, and researcher in Medical Anthropology.

Many women become doulas or midwives because they had such a beautiful and empowering birthing so they are excited to spread the word that giving birth can be the most magical event. Others because they had equally powerful and transformative birthing experiences, but in the opposite way; they had a traumatic births. I experienced both sides: bliss and trauma and both have left deep impressions on me. Later, I realized that things would have been much different and more positive with the right preparation and birth support. Through my personal experiences I gained a deep understanding of the importance of a holistic prenatal preparation that integrate mental, emotional and physical aspects. I became a certified Hypnobirthing teacher by the KG Method and I developed further  hypnosis techniques for different goals and needs. I also create an approach for take charge of the past emotional wounds and traumas that could interfere on your birthing.

I transformed my trauma in mission and I ended up reorienting my career from being a high school teacher to becoming a Doula and childbirth educator.

From the insights of my own emotional healing process, combined with advanced methods like the ESM and transpersonal psychology - I developed an Emotional Healing approach for both prenatal preparation and post-partum care.

Starting again from zero, leaving the securities of a stable career that I loved was not easy, but I embraced this calling. I feel honoured in helping families to bring their children into this world with confidence and love... and this make all the difference.



My services

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Feel confident encouraged, protected and support during labor and birth.
The best technology is still the human one.



Have a calm and comfortable labor and birth. Reduce pain and increase your confidence for a natural birth.


Post-due baby massage

Massage, acupressure, rebozo, hypnosis and tips to go into labor naturally and avoid induction

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Rituals & Celebrations

Calling the baby (desire of conceiving); Blessings;  Body closing,  etc.

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Heal the past wounds and traumas and go free to your childbirth. Understand and  deroot the trans-generational transmission in childbirth.


Hypnosis for specific purposes

Breach baby
Planned Induction or C-section
Post-partum stress
Desire of conceiving
Family bonding


Menu à la carte


Birth is just too precious and unique to fit in standardized courses, methods and care. Each woman, each pregnancy, each family and each baby deserve a support that recognize it and integrate their uniqueness. Here you can find/make the best "combo" of services regarding your personal style, preferences and circumstances.

Birth is what you make it! Prepare yourself for the birth you want have and benefit from excellent discount!s


Indicated for mamas coping with anxiety and also for the 1st pregnancy

+ KG Hypnobirthing & Prenatal - groupe classes (560,-CHF) * or private (830,-)**

+ Attendancy on birth as doula (740,-)

+ 10% discount in other services

Total: 1.300,-* or 1570,-CHF **

With discount: 1100,-* or 1370,-CHF**


For confident mamas who want make their birth a sublime experience

+ Mother Blessing ceremony with cacao ceremony in a Red Tent (560,-)

+ Birth partner preparation or Doula pack (920,-)

+ Post-partum closing ritual after the 40th day with postnatal massage (290,-)

Total: 1770,-CHF

With discount: 1640,-CHF


Birthing from the heart

An integral approach in one complete pack.

+ Hypnobirthing and prenatal groupe classes (560,- ) or private (830,-)

+ Blessingway (560,-)

+ Attendance on birth (740,-)

+ Body closing ritual with post-natal massage (290,-)

Total: 2150,- or  2420,-CHF

With discount: 1910,- or 2270,-CHF

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Training & Certfications


Birth Doula

BiA Doula Trainning, Amsterdam, 2017

Diploma of Childbirth Educator & Hypnobirthing teacher

KGH - Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing School, London, april 2018

"Spinning Babies" techniques training

with Jennifer Walker, (official trainer for Europe), june 2018

Formation sur la "Naissance Respectée" avec Dr. Michel Odent & Da. Liliana Lammers

Paranamadoula et Association Le Pas-sage, Nîmes, 2019

Oráculo do Nascimento (Birth Oracle)

Inkiri School, Bahia, Brazil, 2020


Kimberley Bosman

(Birth support)

We found Letícia when was in my first trimester, It was a nervous first time pregnancy and I had lots of fear around giving birth. Letícia helped to keep me calm not only at my birth but throughout my pregnancy. She was determined that I would have a positive birthing experience and she was right. Her loving attitude and knowledge helped me to feel more at ease. I had a birth that went how I planed it. I was glad I had a natural delivery and unsure if I could have done it without Letícia. My husband also appreciated the support. I highly recommend her services to anyone who feels they may need a little support.

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Doula support is only for women who wants to have a natural home birth?

We support any birth always respecting any particular health conditions, individual needs and personal choices of the mother. We believe that with the right preparation and support any birth can be better regardless its contexts. Births that will start with an induction, where an epidural is considered or even planned c-section can benefit from the emotional and practical support of a doula. She can help you to plan a gentle birth and be there to support you and make your birth a positive experience.

If I use hypnosis for birth will I loose my mind control or feel disconnected from what is going on?

Not at all! On the contrary, the techniques of self-hypnosis for birth helps you to keep concentrated and in control of your  mind and not loose your emotional balance during birth. This deep state of relaxation makes you more connected to what is going on with your body and with your baby.  Besides this, I work with the combination of what we can call the mindful-hypnobirthing. The mindfulness meditation approach that will helps you to feel focused on the here and now, while the hypnosis techniques helps you to make a mind reset replacing fear and anxiety for calm and confidence.

How do you deal with complications at birth?

As a hypnobirthing teacher and childbirth educator my focus is on doing a good prenatal work on the emotional and psychological level. By providing evidence based knowledge, by informing you about your choices and rights you will be prepared for making the well informed and conscious choices in any unpredictable circumstances. As a doula I have skills to identify some so-called "complications". My trainning in Spining babies techniques gives me effective tools to cope with certain situations and help labor to progress well again. Quite often many issues are solved with very simple solutions. And if your baby really need medical help to be born, than I will be there with you to support you to go through it in the most gentle way to welcome you baby in joy!

I will already have one or two midwives attending my birthing. Won't be too much getting a doula?

This is very personal. Some women feel they have the necessary support with a midwife and their partner and sometimes their mother or a friend. Others feel they would benefit from a extra professional help. The support of a doula does not overlap with that of a midwife. They have different roles and complementary I would say. Many women say that they like when there is this strong supportive feminine energy during birth. It's like a constellation where each one can give their unique contribution and make a little difference that matters a lot in the end.

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Accoucher à la maison

Midwifery specialized in Home Births - Midwife Nathalie Donnez

Guru aan Huis (guru at home)

Yoga-parenting life coach

Love Wombing

Birth and postpartum doula - Sephora Aquiles


PS.: Money should never be an impediment for any woman to receive the best care and support she and her baby deserve. Whatever is your financial situation, if you feel inclined to one of my services, please do not hesitate, contact me. There are plenty of solutions, my sister!

From the heart,

Letícia Coutinho Lobach



5, Promenade du Voisinage
1217, Meyrin - Genève

+41 775 13 63 60

+41 77 513 63 60 (WhatsApp and Telegram))


Many thanks to the Brazilian birth photographer, video maker and doula, Emilly Gama for kindly let me use her photos in my website. I'd like to thank also the people that put their pictures available in royalty-free websites, Marco Moraes, Vanessa Mende, Egor and other anonimous.

The beauty of birth revealed by their work is very important for our mission that is create awareness that give birth is one of the most natural, powerful and beautiful of all human experiences.


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